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  • Why CBD?
    "One special ingredient I`ve incorporated into my products is CBD because it`s natural plant extract with a lot of proven benefits. It`s been found to help solve difficult problems, including aging skin, dry skin and acne. But it`s not enough just to highlight CBD on the label - you need to add enough of it so the products are as effective as possible. If you look at each product, you`ll see that I`m putting in 10 times as much as some other brands. Customers have told me that after using my products for just a week, they`ve started seeing positive chamges in their skin. It looks more hydrated and less irritated. After a month, some said, even their dermatologists noticed a difference." Yana T. - Founder of SSTAGIONI Cosmetics
    "When I created SSTAGIONI skin care and makeup line, I had a simple goal in mind: to help people look and feel their best, without having to spend too much time and money. I've studied what works best for people with problem skin like acne, irritation or if they just want to look younger. I want my customers to take care of themselves and look good, without spending more then a few minutes a day on their skin-care routines." Yana T. - Founder of SSTAGIONI Cosmetics
  • About 5-minute skin care routine & makeup
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